• Mandy Adams: Dance Instructor Alberta

  • Laurie Alston: Dance Instructor Winnipeg

  • Theresa Bayrock: Dance Instructor Edmonton

  • Joey Bothwell: Actress and Dance Instructor Vancouver

  • Barb Boudreault: Dance Instructor / Urban Fashion Group

  • Lana Cahoon: Dance Instructor California

  • Robyn Comeau: Dance Instructor Alberta

  • Debbie England: Dance Instructor Edmonton

  • Camille Hannah: Cruise ship dancer

  • Elan Hannah: Cruise ship dancer

  • Michelle Hughes: Personal Trainer

  • Amber Gillespie: Dance Instructor for the SGSD

  • Jeff Kazmerak Retzlaf: Cruise ship dancer

  • Nicole Kittlitz: Dance Instructor Edmonton

  • Tara Kobitowich: Dance Instructor Alberta

  • Samantha Koebel: Cruise ship dancer, Dance Instructor for SGSD

  • Jill Koper: Cruise ship dancer

  • Tina Koper: Cruise ship dancer, dance instructor Italy

  • Dean Kuly: Dance Instructor Alberta

  • Alicia Lakey: Dance Instructor Edmonton

  • Mikki Larson: Dancer in Mexico, Dance Instructor for SGSD

  • Kirsten Marcotte: Physiotherapist for dancers

  • Sherri Mulcahy: Dance Instructor Calgary

  • Kerri Neitsch: Dance Educator for Edmonton Public

  • Ellen O’Dowd: Cruise dancer and Dance Captain

  • Jody Polyzniuk: Dance Instructor Alberta

  • Tara Rocky Fawcett: Studio Owner Tara’s Dance Academy Consort AB

  • Amanda Ryan: Dance Instructor Alberta

  • Andy and Tina Sjwed: Owners of Dance FX Studio

  • Shauna Small Weaver: Dance Educator for Edmonton Public

  • acqueline Smith: Dance Instructor Vancouver

  • Katie Taschuk: Dancer in Mexico

  • Trish Tennant: Dance Instructor Alberta

  • Shari Vanderwoude: Owner of Dance Theme

  • Lisa Van Mechelen: Owner of Dancing Dance Pro Co.

  • Melissa Watt: In training – Toronto Dance Theatre

  • Janice Winter: Owner of Edmonton Dance Factory

  • Tannis Waller: Cruise ship performer and Dance captain

  • Bridget Henderson Whitney: Dance Instructor and MT performer USA

  • Marie Zydek: Model/Actress

  • Gillian Mayhew: Dance Instructor for the SGSDNicole

  • McLeod: Dance Instructor Alberta

Aszure Barton – Graduated from the National Ballet School. Currently operates Aszure and                                                         Artists New York based Dance Company.

Press Release: Aszure Barton honoured with the 2012 Arts & Letters Award


Charissa Barton – Graduated from The Julliard School in New York city and is dancing with Aszure and Artists. Practitioner and teacher of the Rising Star Healing Modality.


Cherice Barton – Graduate and danced for Alberta Ballet, Les Ballet Jazz Montreal and on Faculty at the Broadway Dance Center in New York city.


Christina Bodie – graduate of Julliard in New York, 5th season with BJM Danse formerly known as Les Ballet Jazz Montreal


Featured Profile


Matt Cantelon – dancer and choreographer in Vancouver for Gina Williams.

Nesta Chapman – Graduate of the American Musical Theatre Arts program in New York City. Currently a stuntwoman for movies in Vancouver.


Cathryn Croft – Artistic Coach for Cirque du Soleil and owner of Cathryn Croft Production company.


Sandi Croft – Dancer in Celine Dion’s show “A New Day” and is currently a marketing representative for Jean Ann Ryan Productions for auditions and castings and is with the “O” Cirque du Soleil Show in Las Vegas.


Darren Devaney – Graduated from the Boston Conservatory Dance Program. A freelance dancer across North America, guest artist at BC Ballet Co.


Amanda Gray – Performs with the Canadian Pacific Ballet Company


Janessa Hanley – Graduated from the Simon Fraser Dance Program and is a contemporary dancer in Vancouver.

Darryl Hodgins – Owner of Dance Power Competitions


Shauna Hoskin – Trained at the Alvin Ailey school in New York city. Danced as a rockette, and in the broadway musical “The Producers”. Currently she is touring “Young Frankenstein”.


Lindsay Kramer – Graduated from the Randolph Academy of Performing Arts in Toronto and performed in the Musical Theatre production of “Beauty and the Beast”. She is now a faculty instructor at the Randolph Academy of Performing Arts and teaches at the Rhythm Dance Studio in Toronto.


Tyrel Larson – Graduated from the National Ballet School and is currently a soloist for the Kevin O’Day National Theatre Ballet of Mannheim in Mannheim Germany.


Hamish Murray – Past performer with Raw Metal Dance Company and is currently performing in Australia as a tap percussionist.

Charlotte O’ Dowd – Graduated from the National Ballet School and is currently a featured dancer in “Love” by Cirque du Soleil.


Jeannette Sellick – Toured in musicals such as “Grease” Europe. Currently a singer and entertainer in Las Vegas.

Wes Sellick – Performed all over the world and is currently pursuing a dance/acting career in Los Angeles.


Vicky St. Denys – One of Canada’s leaders in the field of jazz dance. She is currently Co Director of the Dance Program at Ryerson College in Toronto.


Allison Toffan – Graduated from the Musical Theatre program at Sheridan College. Currently she is a free lance tapper out of Toronto and produces her own shows.


Lindsay Thomas – Graduated from the Musical Theatre program at Sheridan College. A Canadian musical theatre star of “Hairspray” and “Jersey Boys” to name just a few of the many musicals she performed in. She passed away of lung cancer.


Jamie Thompson – Danced in LA and Paul McCartney tour. Is currently a free lance dancer in Canada.

Christianne Ullmark – Graduated from Ryerson College dance program in Toronto. Currently is still dancing in Toronto and on tour around the world.